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ۼ 2019-03-22
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2019 3 22~4 2(10ϰ)


ɻ : 2019 4 2~3( Ȳ )

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ɻ : 2019 4 5( Ȳ )

: ̻ȸ ߾Ӻ 繫

( ȸ 547 õ 4)


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2018 4 5 ǥ

ٹ : 2019 4 15()


6. : ̷¼, ڱҰ, 뵿Ǽ(Ӿ)

(̷¼ ڱҰ )


7. : ̸ Ǵ ѽ

: hpnarmi@narami.co.kr

ѽ : 070-7159-2153


8. : ȸ 繫 迵

ǥȭ : 02-324-2155

ٿε 123
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Founded by army deserters in the late 1990s, the Zetas initially acted as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel. But cracks began to appear and the rupture was sealed in early 2010, setting off the most violent phase in Mexico's drug war.
2021-05-01 14:30:48
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Alma Saldana, 30, the sister of activist Paula Saldana, stopped taking birth control last year after two nearby clinics closed and the one remaining wanted to charge more than she could afford. She bore her third child, Adrian, last month.
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Apple may be trying to safeguard its grip on mobile software as Microsoft revs up its Windows-powered Surface Pro, which runs applications, such as Word or Excel, that are the standard for business customers, analysts said.
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* First Data Corp, owned by private equity firm KKR & Co, will suspend 401(k) contributions to employees andreplace cash bonuses with stock as part of its new chiefexecutive's strategy to return the credit-card processor toprofitability. ()
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He was subject to the &#8220;standard operating procedure&#8221; for force-feeding detainees in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, according to Bey and the video&#8217;s organizers, who released the four-minute video Monday.
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The gruesome body disposal - a method favoured by chemistry teacher-turned-meth-producer Walter White in the US TV series Breaking Bad - was uncovered after police found a dental implant linked to the missing man in a sewage tank, they said.
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Aviation consultant Hans Weber, the president of TECOPInternational, Inc., said the accident may revive a long-runningdebate over whether pilots' increasing reliance on automatedflight systems has taken a toll on their "hand-flying" skills.
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Earlier this month Scotland Yard announced it had launched its own investigation into Madeleine&rsquo;s disappearance, with 38 potential suspects and &ldquo;genuinely new&rdquo; lines of inquiry.
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The girl, identified only as Jane C. because she is a minor, then buttoned and zipped Audrie Pott's shorts, covered her with a blanket and left her alone, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Jane C. lied about her involvement to cover up the assault.
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Raw, grilled, rolled, sliced or diced, zucchini is the perfect summer veggie. At only 20 calories per cup, it has zero fat and cholesterol, and 35 percent of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin C.
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Terms of an agreement have yet to be finalized, but the companies are negotiating a price of $130 per share, or nearly $9.5 billion based on shares outstanding. Onyx has indicated it would likely accept a deal at that price, the sources said.
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BritishGas told Labour that it had no customers at all on closed or dead tariffs, while npower had just 28,000. Scottish Power had 100,000 customer accounts on the tariffs, EDF 113,000, E.On 489,000 and SSE 1.8 million.
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She said Chance "cannot follow the prescribed ritual according to his faith," equating it to "a Catholic wanting to go to church and take communion and being told you can't have absolution and can't take communion."
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A video of the two, dating back to 2011, shows Levy saying: &#8220;If the Muslim Brotherhood arrives in Egypt, I will not say democracy wants it, so let democracy progress. Democracy is not only elections, it is also values.&#8221;
2021-05-01 19:53:49
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"That always breeds a tension between principles andpragmatism and he will have to balance that." (Reporting by Jeff Mason and Alina Selyukh; Additionalreporting by Douwe Miedema; Editing by Eric Walsh and EricBeech)
2021-05-01 19:53:51
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The attack follows an escalating campaign of drone strikes by the United States over the past two weeks after a worldwide travel warning that forced Washington to close its embassy in Sanaa and evacuate some staff.
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Pena Nieto is also eager for strong cross-party support for the energy reform because it will open competition to Pemex, Mexico's state oil monopoly that was for years deemed an almost sacrosanct institution after the PRI created it in 1938.
2021-05-01 21:01:57
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The BBC&#039;s Bilal Sarwary in Kabul says that most of the fatalities were caused by roadside bombs and that, according to the interior ministry, on average between seven and 10 policemen die every day across the country.
2021-05-01 21:25:55
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Ortiz said, "Not really," when asked if he'd spoken with Dempster since publication of the story. Dempster worked out at Dodger Stadium on Friday but left early because of his suspended status. He is scheduled to throw a bullpen Tuesday.
2021-05-01 21:25:56
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A senior U.S. official said after the meeting that Iran had proposed fully implementing an agreement on its nuclear program within a year. The official added that while Zarif had offered suggestions, "there is a lot more to understand."
2021-05-01 21:48:40
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Mr Aston said he had believed the Iraqis who had been shot had been "certainly going to die" and he therefore thought "what he had done was a bit sick and degrading but not something worse".
2021-05-01 21:48:41
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In addition, £15 million will be given to the disastrous NHS 111 non-emergency phoneline, whose future has been thrown into chaos after one of its main providers announced plans to pull out of its contracts.
2021-05-01 22:36:08
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Ultimately, diversity will mean higher electricity bills for “smart grid” technology that will provide the government with the capability to switch off your air conditioner when demand is too great.
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Many of the people who have long fought for the right for gay couples to marry had been bracing for a delay, even while they were optimistic the state's top court would ultimately force New Jersey to recognize same-sex marriage.
2021-05-01 22:36:13
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Last week, UK Athletics performance director Neil Black confirmed that, fitness permitting, Farah aimed to compete both in Glasgow at the European Championships in Zurich in August, where he has the chance to win a third successive 5,000m title.
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Officials from the Transportation Safety Board of Canadasaid more than a dozen investigators were examining every angleof the accident, although even they had not yet gained access tothe central "red zone."
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It follows the departure in August of Will Gilpin, the party&rsquo;s chief executive, who said the party&rsquo;s reluctance to accept professional management means Ukip will remain a &ldquo;bunch of enthusiastic amateurs&rdquo;.
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An even more complicated factor is deciding on the amount.To simplify the process, Laibson suggests making a grid todetermine what the college burden will be in relation to income,rather than using a more complicated calculator.
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NEW YORK, July 22 (Reuters) - The S&P 500 hit an intradayrecord high on Monday, led by bank and healthcare stocks andovercoming declines in consumer shares after McDonald's reporteddisappointing earnings.
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A simultaneous attack on another prison, in Taji, around 20 km (12 miles) north of Baghdad, followed a similar pattern, but guards managed to prevent any inmates escaping. Sixteen soldiers and six militants were killed.
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Russian state bank VTB is ready to finance thedeal if the buyer is able to provide 30 percent of the cash, theofficial said. The Arabic state fund may also provide Kogan withabout $1 billion for a deal, he added.
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The lower-fat fries will be available in Canada on Monday, Sept. 30 in small, medium and large sizes, for 30 cents more than the regular fries. On a kids&#x2019; meal in Canada, the substitution will incur no additional cost.
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When BlackBerry reported these results, it said it wouldupdate its 2013 outlook in a regulatory filing, and the likely$400 million in expected charges formed part of the latestfiling, released late on Tuesday.
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Shortstop Everth Cabrera was the only member of the San Diego Padres to play in July's Mid-Season Classic and that now is certain to be the highlight of the 26-year-old Nicaraguan's season after being slapped with a 50-game ban.
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Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt expressed reservations about a moratorium and asked if contentious parades also included Remembrance Sunday. he also hit out at Mr Kelly after the Sinn Fein politician defended his iRA past.
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Former Chief Executive Louis Tomasetta and former ExecutiveVice President Eugene Hovanec admitted to altering companyrecords to impede a contemplated investigation by the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission.
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The world's biggest economy faces a federal governmentshutdown if politicians cannot agree on a budget by the end ofthe month. Tensions continued overnight, with a trio of TeaParty-backed U.S. senators threatening to stall a bill, althoughthey ran into resistance from other Republicans.
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David Ortiz had four hits — including a solo home run in the second off struggling Seattle starter Hisashi Iwakuma — to give him 1,688 hits as a designated hitter, tying Harold Baines for the career record. Ortiz doubled twice and singled in the eighth.
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These proposals, which the HRA said were backed comprehensively by its health-research partners, drew on discussions at a stakeholder workshop hosted by the Authority the previous month, as well as previous meetings with key stakeholders and evidence from a survey of Research Ethics Committees.
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In the union's email, it told the players that Dr. Alan Rogol has been jointly hired by the NFLPA and NFL to oversee the study and supervise two jointly retained biostatisticians. One of those biostatisticians, Donald Berry, will design the study protocol and conduct the analysis. The second will independently review both the protocol and the analysis.
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Serco, one of Britain's largest companies, is to be investigated for fraud after the Government and the services giant called in police to examine irregularities in records kept for its £285m prisoner escorting contract.
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In northern Virginia, officials canceled federal agency blood drives that would have provided transfusions for up to 900 area patients. In Florida, the federal government's Radio and TV Marti broadcasts to Cuba were running pre-taped programming and repeats with a skeleton staff.
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I had a break with the workers and was very impressed by their hospitality. Abu Mohammed ordered coffee for us by the communication system and minutes later the coffee was delivered by the same rope. Chatting and having fun, I wondered if they were not afraid of the Egyptian security forces’ crackdown campaign on tunnels. They agreed that life was not easy.
2021-11-17 06:10:41